Local Cannabis Marketing Agency Debuts 420 Awareness Event

ONELOCOMULTIMEDIA INC. came up with #420FriendlyRollUp2019’s concept as an educational event to aid in spreading awareness of the benefits of CBD and other Cannabis products for mental health and medical illnesses. The brand strives to provide a new meaning to the national holiday 420 through music, film, photography, and art. It was solely created with the community in mind to get rid of the stigma that products containing CBD/THC have a negative impact on health and lifestyle. The mission is to shed light on a natural remedy in its holistic form with products like the best CBD cream.

“We created an environment where attendees can leave with a new perspective on Cannabis products and an understanding of the positive traits,” said event partner and co-founder of BlexxEnt, Stephanie Joanette. “It provides insightful information that is able to live in the life of the attendees long afterward.”

The idea started when a family member of ONELOCOMULTIMEDIA INC. went through the confines of mental illness and realized the harmful effects of the prescription pills they were told to take for anxiety-related disorders and you can get edibles like gummy bears with THC. The side effects were worse than the actual diagnosis at times. They decided to test out CBD and other Cannabis products like Delta 8 thc and quickly felt more balanced and able to overcome mental challenges better. 

One study found that 80 percent of CBD users found the product ‘very effective’ to ‘extremely effective’ in treating their respective conditions. An equally significant 42 percent of CBD users stopped using their traditional prescribed pharmaceutical medications altogether, replacing them with CBD-based cannabis products. The event aids in creating a platform that advocates for more research to take place and testimonials to be heard.

“With this awareness, we hope to spark a chain reaction in our local areas to push for more law changes so that individuals who can benefit from it are able to,” said Founder of ONELOCOMULTIMEDIA INC., Joe D. Guerra.

Kicking off on the national holiday, #420FriendlyRollUp2019 will take place from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. on Saturday, April 20 at Tony’s Garage located at 4848 White Settlement Rd. Fort Worth, TX 76114. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased here. Attendees can expect live art on-site with a mural creation by a professional graffiti artist, two speakers touching on (1) living a sober life for people on prescription drugs and need help, and (2) an attorney of law on drugs to educate the public on local CBD/THC laws, a set by DJ Sober, musical performances by local artists, and more.