Lakewood Shopping Center Welcomes Two New Stores

We heard through the grapevine about two new stores joining Lakewood Shopping Center.

Kozy Kitchen recently left their McKinney Avenue location after 15 years, to become Kozy Lakewood. Known for its outstanding breakfast cuisine, Kozy Kitchen is the frontrunner for introducing gluten free options to Dallas. With 6,000 square feet, seating for 224 inside and 65 outside, guests will be able to enjoy breakfast options all day and lunch/dinner appetizers, salads and entrees as well as a full bar with custom drinks. Kozy Kitchen will also showcase sporting events on TVs with a new bar and kids menu available.

“This is Kozy 3.0. We will continue making food with love, organic and local. I also plan to offer more soup options and food and wine pairings now that we have a full bar,” Said chef Nicholas Pavageaux.

Yogurtland, opened its doors 11 years ago in Fullerton, CA and will open their Lakewood location in early March 2019. Owner Phillip Chang had one goal in mind when creating Yogurtland: provide a self-serve frozen yogurt experience that gives customers the highest quality ingredients and flavors to fill their cups.

Their Flavorologists work tirelessly to find the best ingredients sourced from native lands to bring yogurt lovers the most authentic tasting flavors available i.e. strawberry seeds in your Fresh Strawberry yogurt. It’s all about using pure ingredients to make Yogurtland’s flavors taste extraordinarily delicious.

All yogurt is processed at the Yogurtland dairy, where Flavorologists control every part of what makes frozen yogurt the deliciously creamy treat you know and love.

From flavors like Rocket Pop Sorbet that take you back to your favorite ice cream truck treat or exotic flavors like the Dragon Passion Tart where your taste buds receive a new adventure with its refreshing flavor and captivating aroma. Yogurtland offers dairy, with no sugar added and gluten-free options, guests can experience the deliciousness that only the highest quality froyo can bring.

“At Yogurtland we strive to serve the best quality ice cream and yogurt from our own dairy with hundreds of topping combinations. I am thrilled about this new location and joining the community in the heart of Lakewood”, says Owner Bryce Wallach.