Interview: 4 Foodie Questions with Chef Ryan Olmos Ahead of Chefs for Farmers

Chefs for Farmers 2017 is coming up November 2nd – 5th and features days and nights of inspired eating and drinking courtesy of some very talented local and national chefs. From popping small bites to getting to know the farms behind our favorite plates, and even learning to build a better Bloody Mary, the weekend’s events are a foodie’s ultimate indulgence.

But this isn’t just about the foodies – it’s about chefs coming together in the name of local ingredients and the farmers who grow it. So let’s get to know one Dallas chef who should certainly be on your radar.

Ryan Olmos, executive chef and managing partner at CiboDivino Marketplace, will be serving up his take on street food at the Street Food Night Market on Saturday, Nov. 4th.

Ryan Olmos

Ryan Olmos

ILID: Describe what being a chef who supports farmers means to you, both in the restaurant kitchen and your own.

Chef Ryan: I love bringing it back to basics. Supporting local farmers means sustainability for future generations. It’s how we’re supposed to eat. When you shop at the grocery store and see a great product, it’s important to know where that product came from – it didn’t just appear on the shelf.

ILID: What can diners expect from you at the Street Food Market Night?

Chef Ryan: Crostini with a white bean puree topped with fennel and pork jowl and baby greens as garnish.

(ILID writer wipes drool off keyboard, continues.)

ILID: D Magazine named you “Unsung Kitchen Hero.” What exactly did you do to earn this status?

Chef Ryan: I think my work ethic in the kitchen showed results and those results were noticed.

ILID: Which food trends excite you? Are there any you’re tired of?

Chef Ryan: I love how simplicity in food and getting back to the basics is coming back in style. I am over the over complexity in the food scene that is just for show. Let the food speak for itself.

Catch Ryan Olmos and all of the other talented chefs, farmers, and food artisans at Chefs For Farmers, November 2nd – 5th at various locations across Dallas. Tickets are on sale now at

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