I Live in Dallas Radio – Episode #2 – Culinary Anarchy & Live Mural Painting at Bryan Street Tavern

This is our second episode of I Live In Dallas Radio. This I Live In Dallas show, co-hosted by myself and Jason Channell, features two outstanding Dallas movers and shakers. We chat with these folks while enjoying the outside patio scene at Bryan Street Tavern in East Dallas.   The reason Bryan Street was picked for our second radio show location was because of a particularly colorful character we ran into recently at Taste of Dallas 2012.  Ex-celebrity chef and cooking show TV host turned rebel and experimentalist William Keller gave a quick cooking show at the Tasting Tavern in Fair Park. We were impressed with his story, what he had to say about being a chef, the upscale dining community, as well as its evolution. In 32 minutes of pure fun...

Multiple Topping Pizza at Bryan Street Tavern. Photo Credit: Rhilee335 on Flickr

Listen as we:

  • Get schooled on the concept of Culinary Anarchy in an interview with Bryan Street's new Executive Chef William Keller.
  • Talk about comfort food and junior high cafeteria memories of sloppy joe's.
  • Interview Jerod Davies who is the founder of the Just-Us League, an artist collective of over 100 local artists that have produced dozens of  murals in historic areas such as Deep Ellum, and all over Dallas.
  • Share my top seven picks for karaoke in Dallas with some info you won't find in the article.

First Mural by the Just-Us League. Photo Credit: Meskarune on Flickr