Fiction With Soul – Local writer Cortina Jackson talks about the struggles and triumphs with writing her latest book “The Sounds of Silence Are The Loudest”

Cortina Jackson - Fiction Writer


Cortina Jackson is the author of "On Earth, As It is In Hell" and her latest book "The Sounds of Silence Are The Loudest". Recently, spoke with Cortina about the struggles she had to face to overcome domestic violence in order to become an up and coming fiction writer from the Dallas area.

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ILID: Tell us about your new book

The main storyline of this book [The Sounds of Silence Are The Loudest] is that children have been abducted and the main character knows where they are, what really happened, and what part he played in the abduction. In his mind, the eyes of God are watching him, and now you [the reader] get to watch him on his many exploits throughout the book.

Cortina Jackson - The Sounds of Silence Are The Loudest

ILID: Why did you decide to write this book considering the content is so different from your last book "On Earth, As It Is In Hell"?

I decided to write a book that would allow the reader to look inside the life, and the mind of a serial killer, from a deeper perspective. Those who have read, “On Earth As It Is In Hell” will see that I have drawn some parallels to that story, in that, Satan’s influence continues to plague unsuspecting people.

It brews in Hell, with a terrifying opening that takes place right in the pits of Hell as the demons begin to discuss their plans for further annihilation upon the Earth. They decide to go to the Earth, and enter into a prospective host while he is still in the womb to mold him into the perfect specimen for their use - a serial killer with influence, power, and status.

The puppeteering that Satan uses, along with the serial killer’s status, allows him to get away with murder. However, his influence is to be utilized for more than mere murder, for a bigger agenda is in store.

Cortina Jackson standing with another author

ILID: What will your readers truly love about your new book?

They will love that nothing is held back. The graphic depictions, and the stunning visuals that their [the reader's] mind will comprehend and see, once each word is read, will make the reader question, is it fiction, or does this writer know something more?

Cortina Jackson with author of "Brown Girls"

ILID: For this book, we heard you had to use crowd-funding methods to finance the publication of this book.

Yes, I had to set-up a page for this book. The first book that I wrote came after leaving a marriage of domestic violence. I had to start all over again in life with little to no funds. Every penny that I earned, I poured into self-publishing my first book.

Therefore, I did everything on my own to save on costs. I designed my own website, I made my own book trailers, I designed my own book cover...everything! My first book turned out wonderful, but now, I want to make sure that I follow-up with a professional product that will be well-received and taken seriously in the book publishing industry. I am hoping to adapt my latest book into a screenplay, which we will see someday at the movies.

There are costs involved for a book of this caliber. There are costs for professional editing, book cover design, formatting, and publishing just to name a few of the enormous costs to put out a finished product. I am seeking whatever assistance I can get to make this project great.

Cortina Jackson with fellow author

ILID: How can people find out more about your upcoming book?

I put out regular updates of my progress at my website:

You can also help fund this project at my page at

Or visit my Facebook page at: