Downtown Dallas Orientation

downtown dallas

A primer on Downtown Dallas for:

*Recent transplants
*Suburbanites looking to learn more about Downtown
*Downtown Residents who want to share why they love their neighborhood

We will be featuring Downtown's most knowledgeable people covering the following topics:

*Housing - what to look for in your perfect Downtown apartment
*Transportation - how to get in and out of Downtown as well as how to get around Downtown
*Public Parks and Services - all the great places available to the public 365 days / year
*Downtown Petiquette - covering all the joys and challenges of having a pet in an urban environment
*Public Safety - information from DPD and the Downtown Safety Patrol on how to stay safe Downtown and who to contact if something makes you feel unsafe.

Saturday, March 5th @ 11AM

Dallas Fort Work
211 N Ervay, 8th Floor
Dallas, Texas 75201

This is a FREE event!

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