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REVIEW: Dining Delivery App DoorDash Does Dallas Right

Approximately ten days ago, was approached by an agency hired by restaurant food delivery app and startup DoorDash. The agency requested a review of the app because, after celebrating a year in Dallas, DoorDash will be opening up their territory to downtown Fort Worth and all of Arlington south of 30. They needed to get the word out on a grassroots level, so they made a plan to work with local bloggers to do so. gets approached often for app reviews. That's not uncommon. However, it is uncommon that we had previously and coincidentally used the service on several occasions, even as recently as the weekend before the request was made. We had not Tweeted or published anything about it.

To cut to the chase on this review, we wholeheartedly, and without reservation, give DoorDash our full endorsement. It's a great app for busy (or lazy) folks, as well as a nice way to have a restaurant meal when you don't have the time or energy to cook. The app includes casual to fine dining, national chains, and locally-owned restaurants. It's a great mix.

Download it here: (iOS | Android). Use the promo code: ILIVEDALLAS to get $5 off your first order $15 or more.

With this review, I was given the opportunity to order food for my office (up to $50) that would be reimbursed by their agency. Even though I had used the service before, and told them so, I took them up on the offer.

Let me now take you step by step on my experience on the latest use of the service.

I asked two of my office mates to download the app to explore what they wanted to lunch. Now, at first, I had planned on giving DoorDash the challenge of delivering from more than one restaurant, but reconsidered after thinking the first order would probably become cold in transit if the restaurants were too far apart. Plus we were already hungry. I'm still not sure if they'll deliver from more than one place on one ticket, but probably do.

Since my day job office is in uptown, we decided to order from a great uptown spot that does not normally deliver, Bread Winners. The restaurant is only about three blocks from the office, but it was test enough for our purposes. It was 10:30am in the morning, so we had a debate on breakfast or lunch. It turns out either the app or the restaurant only allows ordering from one menu or the other on one ticket. At first I thought it had something to do with Android versus iPhone version, but that was not the case.

bread winners

My officemates were very impressed with the sheer number of choices the app offered. DoorDash delivers from more than 250 restaurants in the uptown Dallas area alone.  Unlike some food delivery apps, the menus were more expansive, organized, and complete, like actually being in the restaurant.

Ultimately, we ordered from the website, not the app, not because of any issues with the app, but so I didn't have to pass my phone around or put my credit card in someone else's phone. The web experience was just as easy, if not easier than the times before when I had ordered using my Android.

Since both app and website ask for your zip code first thing, I'm sure they only allow certain places to show that won't take more than a 10 minute drive and a 20 - 40 minute prep time. I don't know that for a fact, but I know their networorderk is huge. The key is they deliver from places that would not normally deliver, like Bread Winners, as well as places that do deliver, or even fast food (Taco Bell, or Texas favorite Whataburger). Whatever your heart desires, it can probably be found on the app.

There is  a $6.99 delivery fee, which does not include a tip for the driver. Of the other similar apps I've used, that's on par with what they charge, excluding one that doesn't charge a fee, but has an extremely limited selection. I don't remember what the default tip was, maybe $5.00. If that's not your normal tipping habit, you can adjust it, as long as you mind the details when confirming your order.

Download it here: (iOS | Android). Use the promo code: ILIVEDALLAS to get $5 off your first order $15 or more.
order-4You get to choose a time for the delivery to come ranging from ASAP to three days in the future. We had ordered ours around 10:45am, and chose to have it delivered  for the pre-selected time window of 11:30am - 12 Noon. It came around 11:50am, which was completely fine. In the other times I've used the app, I've had it take as little as 30 minutes. That's pretty good considering they have call in the order, then go to the restaurant to pick it up, unlike ordering and getting direct delivery from a restaurant.

Once the order is placed, you're able to see the progress of the delivery person in real time. That's always a relief. It's also what we've become accustom to, with the Uberfication of so many services.

In summation, yes, we recommend DoorDash for easy food delivery.

About DoorDash
DoorDash was founded in 2013 by four Stanford students is a Y Combinator-backed company. After launching San Francisco, they now operate in in Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, and soon to be Fort Worth. With their new expansion, they will be serving the Arlington Heights, Edgecliff Village, Everman & Kennedale, TCU, Western Hills / Ridglea, White Settlement areas.