Research & Development-Driven Secret Supper Club, Dinner Lab, Launches Today in Dallas

New Orleans-based Dinner Lab, which "connects guests with new ideas in food by hosting pop-up events with emerging culinary talent to get feedback on what works and what doesn't" launches today in Dallas. This membership-based club gets immediate feedback on your likes and dislikes from a regional level, then creates special suppers in secret locations that are hosted often by locally-based up-and-coming, innovative, chefs.

We were contacted by Dinner Lab, much like we are contacted every day by PR reps, companies, and event planners in order to see how we could get the word out. However, this group really got our attention. After meeting with Culinary Director Mario Rodriguez, at an impromptu lunch at Grimaldi's, he explained to us the science behind Dinner Labs, and why in only two year's it's valuing at $15 million ( You can also learn more about a typical night at Dinner lab here .

Mario picked our brain on some emerging Dallas food and drinks trends, then gave us the insider's knowledge that they are launching in Dallas today (Monday). Here is some more info provided directly from them. They are starting with L.A.-based Chef Ryan Carson and will be gathering Dallas talent soon after. Their first dinner is planned for October. Where? It's a secret that will be announced to members 24-48 hours before. Here's more on Carson and the first supper provided by Dinner Lab.

"RYAN CARSON has an innate ability to create intoxicating dishes that evoke the warmth and spirit of comfort food fine-tuned with the precision of modern culinary techniques. From the kitchen to the dining table, he pays homage to mothers, including his own mother who believed food was the centerpiece of all social and memorable life experiences. He learned how to cook at his mother’s side at an early age and loved to experiment like a scientist, or better yet an artist, with the family recipes.

He followed in his father’s footsteps, who was a chef, at the young age of 15. Carson has held every position from dishwasher all the way up to Executive Chef and he graduated with honors from the prestigious California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. Ryan Carson has worked in some of the best kitchens in San Francisco, LA and Orange County as well as being the chef/owner of the critically acclaimed pop up restaurant in Los Angeles; privē."

The menu is called Privē: A Los Angeles Compendium

Say what you will about Los Angeles, smog.. traffic.. and the Dodgers, but it's no secret that they've been on top of the food game since the late '80s. Basing this menu off of his very own, critically acclaimed pop up, Privē; Chef Ryan Carson plans to bring San Diego a culinary collective of all things awesome in LA."


Dallas membership goes live TODAY (Monday) at