Decks in the Park Halloween Edition

Decks in the Park Halloween Edition in Klyde Warren Park on October 30th 2014. Photo by: Mason Pelt

Decks in the Park Halloween Edition in Klyde Warren Park on October 30th 2014. Photo by: Mason Pelt

A journey to Klyde Warren Park can provide an experience as unique as the person who takes it. With over 100 monthly events it can be hard to keep up. Yoga? Yes please. Food trucks? Don’t mind if I do. Music? I thought you’d never ask. Music is said to be the great connector, and if you’ve had a chance to join Decks in the Park you’d know why. Every last Thursday of the month, this distinct event allows you to connect to your neighbors, friends, family and city all in one enchanted night.

This Thursday, October 30th, is the bittersweet ending to a breathtaking fourth season. One brief glance through their Facebook pictures and you’d think you were looking at a brochure for the city. Effervescent hues dye the horizon while action shots fill the pane. Whether you’re looking to layback and lounge or get up and get down with your bad self – this is THE event to explore. The best part? It’s so easy to get to!! Take a walk, grab the DART, hop the Trolley, or catch a D-Link (every 15 minutes) – do whatever necessary to make it to Decks in the Park. You can thank me later.


Are we allowed to bring our dogs? YES! It’s encouraged.

Is there an age limit? No. We are family friendly.

Can we bring outside food and drinks? No. Food trucks line the street and Savor provides an exceptional dinner option. Bars are located along the park and at Savor Relish.

Where: Klyde Warren Park 2012 Woodall Rodgers Freeway Dallas, TX 75201
When: 7:00pm-10:00pm October 30, 2014

Photo by Mason Pelt used with permission.

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  1. You actually can bring your own food and drinks. You can't bring any outside alcohol.

  2. Hello there .
    I was wondering what I have to do to score a dj set for decks in the park.
    Looking forward to hearing from you all. Thank you.

  3. Yeah, music is really a great connector

  4. This looks like a great show
    . I'm sorry I've missed it

  5. Adorable halloween edition and i really love it..

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