The Dallas Entrepreneur Center is the New Official Coworking Space of


We are excited to announce that The Dallas Entrepreneur Center is now the official coworking space of

After three years based out of Common Desk we decided we needed a change. After  interviewing several other coworking spaces, we've found the DEC to be the change we needed. Even though The Dallas Entrepreneur Center has been around for quite some time, many don't know that on top of a network of mentors, free entrepreneurship events and workshops, the DEC provides substantial coworking space for anyone with the means and desire. We are hoping that our membership will help spread the word, attracting entrepreneurs both near and far. We plan to publish several interviews with the stakeholders and the individual startups moving an shaking the Dallas scene.

Founded in 2013, The Dallas Entrepreneur Center (The DEC) was created to help entrepreneurs start, build, and grow companies and to ensure that Dallas is recognized as a leading city for entrepreneurship throughout the country. Born from a shared vision among small business and entrepreneurship advocates, The DEC believes investment in entrepreneurs is an investment in the community.

The DEC continues to serve as a guiding force in driving opportunity and economic growth in the Dallas Forth Worth community. By supporting talent and innovation, The DEC is helping to create tomorrow’s business leaders, employers and community members.

We are currently planning to host at least six events over the next twelve months in the area of Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship. With the added benefits of better parking for our events and the mentorship of more than 200 advisory professionals, we are looking forward to even bigger and better things ahead.