Dallas’s Top 3 Places To Be Green This St. Patrick’s Day Weekend!

It’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend and you’re in luck! Dallas takes this holiday seriously and wouldn’t dream of limiting it to a one day celebration. The weekend celebration commences with the mandatory 5k Dash Down Greenville. Race organizers have the experience and wisdom to offer timing for trained athletes, and an untimed option for those who started the celebration on the 17th and, in the true spirit of the holiday, might have "the brown bottle flu."  St. Patrick did expel snakes from Ireland, after all, a feat worthy of raising a pint or two in his honor.


When you’re finished dashing down the street, make sure to join in the parade. While taking in the sights of this parade, you will question whether you are in Dallas, Texas or have somehow slipped down Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole. There’s a whole different set of rules and codes for this parade. Keep in mind that parade proceeds go to charity, so it’s a worthy cause!



With the mandatory events out of the way, you’re ready to spread your wings and venture out. There is an old wives’ tale that on St. Patrick’s Day leprechauns come out of hiding and make their way into pubs, casting mischievous magic on all who enter.  The spell causes fellow patrons to burst into fits of laughter, dance like there’s no tomorrow, and kiss those who are Irish - or close enough to being Irish.  If you’re hoping to be the beneficiary of Leprechaun magic, head directly to Green Door Public House. This historic brick building was once the home of Liberty Bank and was moved brick by brick to its current location at 600 S Harwood – just south of Downtown Dallas.  During the prohibition, speakeasy owners would paint their doors green to signal those in need of a little bathtub gin. Fortunately, the prohibition is over and you can order drinks from the bar and not the bathroom. The Green Door opens at 10am on Saturdays and Sundays and will be serving up green beers and a brunch menu fit for a hungry leprechaun, so be on the look out.


Another must visit for any good Irishman looking to celebrate is The Green Room, situated in trendy Deep Ellum. This spot has one of the best rooftop patios with amazing views of Dallas.  If you’re feeling confident and agile, challenge your friends to a friendly game of Giant Jenga. The game becomes more interesting as the day grows longer. Advantage tip, rumor has it that The Green Room is where the good looking people like to congregate, so fingers crossed that some of that leprechaun magic will be in the air.


Photo Credit: @chessloser

Photo Credit: @chessloser

If you’ve had your fill of craft beers and beverages with fancy names, The Green Elephant is your next oasis. Nestled between Greenville Avenue and Central Expressway, The Green Elephant offers a down-to-earth, homey atmosphere. Ok, it’s a dive bar. If Austin wants to stay weird, and Dallas has staked its claim on pretention, The Green Elephant situates itself as Switzerland. Order a Jameson Irish Whiskey on the rocks and relax with the jams of talented DJs into the wee hours of the morning. You’ll be in good company with this crowd.


When St. Patrick’s Day weekend comes to an end, and the luck of the Irish has rubbed off on you, bask in the fortune of being an active participant in these celebrations. And remember, if you’re enough lucky to be Irish, you’re lucky enough!