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Dallas Comic Show Will Host A Holiday Special Next Month

Dallas Comic Show

Dallas Comic Show will hold its final show of the year in November. After having to postpone their events last year due to the pandemic, the convention has made sure to make up for lost time. This year, Dallas Comic Show has hosted two events and will conclude with a holiday special next month. 

The Dallas Observer has deemed Dallas Comic Show the "Best Convention in DFW" and the organizers are doing their best to maintain their status. The convention offers a heavy focus on comic books that many local comic cons overlook. It is a smaller convention but it continues to grow each year. Dallas Comic Show offers free parking and a setting that doesn't make you feel like you are merely being funneled through tight aisles or long lines.

Melanie Kohn Comic Show Announcement

There is a strong lineup of unique guests that have already committed to attend in November. Actors like Burt Gilliam (Blazing Saddles), Melanie Kohn (Charlie Brown), and Sherilyn Fenn (Gilmore Girls) are among some of the names that are scheduled. Of course there are plenty of notable comic book artists as well such as Ben Dunn (Marvel Magnaverse), Howard Chaykin (Star Wars), and John Lucas (Deadpool).

This year's Dallas Comic Show will be held at Music City Mall in Lewisville. It will be held November 6-7. Click here to purchase tickets or to find out more!