5 Ways To Keep Your Home and Property Safe In Dallas

Every homeowner wants to keep their property safe, but most don’t consider home security until a break in has already occurred and you have to hire Festus criminal defense attorneys to fight for you in the court of law. Dallas is home to over a million people yet the chances of being a victim of property crime are 1 in 29. The state average for Texas is only 1 in 36. Don’t wait until it’s too late to consider home security. Protect your Dallas home with some tips from our friends at Unclutterer.

1. Maintain Your Property
Keep your lawn well-manicured to prevent from becoming the target of a burglar. A lawn that is clearly left unkept makes it appear as if no one is home to take care of it. Trim trees and bushes to prevent overgrowth where an intruder could hide. If you ever need to do a repair that can not wait any longer, check the best contractors for emergency restoration.

2. Have A Vacation Plan
Planning a vacation? Make sure you also have a plan to keep your home safe while you’re away. Ask a friend or trusted neighbor to pick up your newspapers and bring in the mail. Nothing is more obvious that someone isn’t home than a driveway full of newspapers and an overloaded mailbox. Ask your neighbor to park in your driveway as well. Finally, before going away, contact your local police department and ask that an officer check on your home while you’re away.

3. Proper Lighting
Put lights on timers inside and outside of your home. Make sure that all walkways are lit throughout the evening. This makes it difficult to approach your home without being seen. When away on vacation, set the interior lights on timers to make it appear as if someone is home.

4. Always Lock Your Doors
Always keep your doors and windows locked. Even if you are only planning to leave the house for five minutes, you never know when a disaster could occur. It could mean the difference between a break in or not. Never leave any spare keys outside of your home, even if you think they are well hidden. Instead, give a spare to someone you can trust.

5. Install A Home Security System
The best way to ensure your home is secure is to hire Integrated Security Services. You will know that you are always protected and with alarm monitoring you know that emergency personnel are on the way if an emergency occurs. Your home will be protected from break ins as well as floods and fires. You’ll even have access to both live and recorded video footage of your home on your smartphone. Aside from the home security benefits, you’ll also get home automation which allows you to turn lights on and off, unlock and lock doors, control your home’s thermostat, and many other luxurious features. You can also read about the Advantages of Using Fire Barrier Panels here.

Living in Dallas can be wonderful but, regardless of how safe your community is, you should be aware of your home security and safety. Stay up to date with the local crime statistics in your neighborhood and stay in touch with the police if you see anything suspicious near your home.

Bob Clements represents Hawk Security, a Dallas-based home alarms and security company.

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