Winter In May – 2018 Con of Thrones Review & Photo Gallery

Temperatures may have been pushing toward triple digits in Dallas last weekend, but make no mistake about it winter was in full swing. The Hyatt Regency Dallas played host to the annual Con of Thrones convention. White Walker posters welcomed visitors at the hotel entrance while a map of Westeros served as a doormat in the lobby.

Con of Thrones offered fans a chance to meet several stars from the hit series, sit in on panels with designers, and find uniquely themed items from vendors. While this may sound similar to other conventions, it really did offer distinctive aspects that many others don’t have. Con of Thrones seemed to focus more on the fans and show rather than the celebrities themselves.

The hotel opened up a large number of its meeting rooms so that there were multiple fan-based panels taking place at a given time. Mediators would guide conversations about theories, characters, or even cosplay tips. It was an awesome experience to see fans interacting so passionately about their favorite show with their peers.

One of the things that seemed to stand out most about Con of Thrones was how informal it all felt, and I say this with a positive connotation. It never felt like you were drowning in a sea of people or just another ticket holder. Vendors and attendees alike were quick to strike up a conversation without it feeling forced. Celebrities sat comfortably at tables without being crammed behind disorganized rows of fans, and the staff was extremely knowledgeable. Cosplayers frequently visited with each other over a drink at the hotel bars or in the courtyard outside. The entire Hyatt Regency almost felt like a giant, laid back party for participants.

The vendors were selling prop replicas, GOT centered artwork, and tons of other items that referenced the show. My only regret with portion was that I wish there had been more booths in attendance. However, the vendors that were there all had great products. I was given a sample of green tea and later informed that its name was “Joffrey’s Poison”. Luckily I had a better outcome after drinking it than he did. Another booth I enjoyed had handmade coin replicas from Lord of the Rings, GOT, and other classic films. Although I spent quite a while browsing the shops, my favorite part of the area was a sectioned off portion of the floor designated for people to battle with foam weapons. It was amusing to watch the sheer amount of couples that paid to wallop one another with giant swords and axes. A worker at one of the booths shared my sentiments and stated that she was surprised by how ferociously the female combatants typically attacked their partners.

While many conventions have a high number of guests in costume, I think that Con of Thrones may have taken the cake. I felt like I was one of the only few people in the entire convention that did not have on some type of Medieval attire. I loved watching the people waiting to enter Reunion Tower fumbling for their cameras to try to take a quick photo of the amazing cosplayers as they passed the elevator.

The battle for Westeros may be decided by next years Con of Thrones but, like many others, I am already eagerly waiting to see what they have in store for DFW. Be sure to take a look at our photo gallery to see some of our favorite costumes and moments from this year’s show!