Common Desk Expands 2,000 Square Feet

common-desk-expandsThe Metroplex is home to a large number of corporate companies but also is becoming a hub to many startups. And for these startups, a collaborative, modern environment is essential to productivity and overall success. Common Desk, a co-working community designed to revolution the way people work, is open for startup workers and has recently expanded its space. If you’re party of a startup in DFW, this is an office space worth trying out!

Located in the heart of Deep Ellum, Common Desk added an additional 2,000 square feet to its already spacious 9,000 square feet of office space. This collaborative and creative setting isn’t your average cubical. It is home to fast-growing companies like CultureMap Dallas, Google and formally Uber.

There are many reasons for small businesses and remote employees to work in a communal environment, such as:

  • Saves you money on renting out a private office
  • Work rooms include different size offices, conference rooms, a fireplace lounge, dedicated desks, patio, balcony, and café
  • Full kitchen
  • Plenty of whiteboards
  • Access to a printer, copier and scanner
  • A lounge area for press interviews, video shoots, brainstorming and reading
  • Member-only events, such as yoga classes
  • A fitness center
  • Free parking
  • Quieter than a coffee shop
  • Supportive cooperative environment

With small businesses on the rise, communal spaces like Common Desk provide paramount benefits to working teams. Common Desk invites new members and new amenities into its space. The space is located at 2919 Commerce Street in Dallas (75226). For more information please call 214-716-2919 to find out about membership, events, and amenities!