AnimeFest brings Cos Play and Connections to Dallas August 17th-20th

AnimeFest is a convention for fans of anime, manga, games and other forms of pop-culture. As the name suggests, AnimeFest, is largely based around "anime" or Japanese animation. Its' primary motivation to educate the public about anime and the cultural aspects surrounding it. When formed back in 1992 the term "anime" was largely unknown. Many of the "cartoons" on TV were adaptations of Japanese TV shows and some began to realize this and seek more. A small, but rapidly growing fandom was emerging out of the science fiction/fantasy fandom.

Anime fandom in the US was really started back in the 70's, but it didn't gain any significant traction until the late 1980's. Teenagers (at the time) were drawn to anime shows without realizing their origins because of the unusual style and themes presented. These imported shows were unlike anything we had seen before. Anime was different from cartoons as it presented topics in a more mature way. Shows like Star Blazers and Robotech introduced teenagers to the wonders of a serialized story line, love, hate and death. Topics that US TV producers seemed to feel that we should be completely shielded from. Somehow these imports made it onto the air and once we had a taste, we needed more. Thus anime fandom blossomed. Interested? Come see what the 2018 AnimeFest has to offer.


August 17th-20th
Hours Vary.

Sheraton Dallas Hotel
400 N. Olive St.
Dallas, Tx

Single Day Memberships:
Friday, August 17th: $35, Saturday, August 18th: $45, Sunday, August 19th: $45, Monday, August 20th, $35

Early Bird Memberships are available online at the website listed below. Prices vary.

More Information: