A Look at Five of the Best Artists From RAW: Dallas Presents SPECTRUM

If you missed the RAW Dallas event last Thursday, you missed a good one. The Lizard Lounge was packed out in support of local talent representing various art forms.

RAW Dallas Hosts

Here’s my list of favorites from the show:

First to take the stage and in my opinion the best musical performance of the night was Zack Weber, a funk artist from Austin. He had such high energy that you couldn't help but get into the set and not to mention the dynamic range of his voice which sent the audience on a musical roller coaster.

Zack Weber

Somewhere in between bobbing my head to Zack’s music and talking about how good he was with the person next to me, I noticed the work of Dorentina, a local painter and college student. She was such a sweetheart and her work is absolutely amazing!

As a fan of spoken word, I was happy to see someone finally representing that category. Reagan aka PoetryTeacher gave us two great pieces but struck a chord with So I Say Peace.

Reagan aka PoetryTeacher

While making the rounds, I came across Adam Gallegos whose pieces fit right in with the SPECTRUM theme, featuring such vibrant colors.

Also worth mentioning is the work of Dane Valnes, who is only 23 but has been painting and drawing for over ten years and currently attends the University of North Texas.

Dane Valnes

Overall, the talent displayed at this event was incredible. According to the hosts, the next one is scheduled for sometime in June so be on the lookout for the details. Their shows keep getting bigger and better!