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The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Dallas Event Changes Amid Covid-19

It has gotten hard to keep up with the countless changes that the virus has brought to Dallas. Between continuous new legislation being created, economic issues, and cabin fever from weeks stuck at home, many of our plans have slipped through the cracks. The wavering schedules have also wreaked havoc on many companies in the entertainment realm. These event organizers have frantically tried to adapt to the current situations by whatever means possible, some showing more promise than others. Take a look to see the fate of some of DFW’s most anticipated events.

Scarborough Renaissance Festival – For almost four decades the beloved throwback event has been held annually in Waxahachie. Live shows, animals, amusement rides, vendors, and food courts have made this one of the most anticipated local events each year. While the virus is no Black Plague, the Covid-19 threat sadly amplified just before their scheduled opening 2020 date. In turn, Scarborough Renaissance Festival attempted to postpone the event until April 10. Unfortunately, this short delay was not able to outlast the Covid-19 restrictions. For the first time since 1981, the historic festival was forced to accept the inevitable and forgo their plans to open. We bid thee farewell until we meet again.

Fan Expo Dallas – Dallas’s largest comic con was scheduled to be held at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center March 27-29. Guests at this year’s event were to include members from The Lord of the Rings, Saved by the Bell, Harry Potter, The Office, Scream, and more. The guest list had many fans chomping at the bit to attend to meet some of their favorite on screen celebrities and show off their newest cosplay. The people over at Fan Expo HQ have also decided to postpone the event until June 19-21. Of course, due to the rescheduling we are not quite sure how many celebrities will revoke their appearances. As of right now Fan Expo has managed to secure about half of the initial pool with many still pending. Luckily the convention has done a great job in the past adapting to situation changes that are out of their control. That said, the rescheduled date is somewhat concerning as the Covid-19 restrictions are being downgraded at a pace that does give some cause to worry. We are still going to hold out hope that we will get to celebrate the end of the restrictions wearing our awesome apocalyptic garbs and cosplay rather than the week-old pajamas we’re currently in.

Texas Frightmare Weekend – Halloween comes twice a year for those familiar with this epic horror convention. This annual event brings screams of delight along with some of the genre’s biggest names. Texas Frightmare Weekend was scheduled for the first weekend in May. However, unlike many of the other events, Texas Frightmare Weekend made the decision to postpone the convention until the fall. While this is disheartening for fans that look forward to the event each spring, it is also one of the safest moves to guarantee that it will actually take place. Not only that, but Texas Frightmare also managed to maintain almost every one of their initial guests. In true horror fashion, we will now have to wait in suspense until the weekend of September 11-13.

O’Reilly Auto Parts 500 – This octane infused weekend of speed is one of DFW’s largest sporting events. Fans have been known to camp at Texas Motor Speedway weeks in advance of race weekend. Like almost all professional sports, NASCAR has been put on hold due to restrictions. The March 29 date has been postponed indefinitely. Now, race fans are forced to settle for iRacing on the television. While the simulated racing is somewhat entertaining, it fails in comparison to watching the real stockcars battle it out on the asphalt. In an announcement early this week, Eddie Gossage announced that he is in talks with Governor Abbot about resuming the NASCAR season. Sadly, the announcement also alludes to the high possibility that stock car racing will soon begin without an audience in the grandstands. While the sport will be a welcome distraction to the virus, it is disappointing for those that were hoping to catch the thrills in person.

Big Texas Beer Fest – Quarantine has us all needing a drink. They were supposed to be flowing freely on March 27 at Fair Park. Big Texas Beer Fest was to have over 500 beers, 100 brewers, food trucks, and live music. The good news is that the event has been scheduled for July 17 and should bring relief from the Texas heat and quarantine at just the right time. Cheers!

Texas Pinball Festival – Pinball enthusiasts flip their flippers over the annual event held in Frisco. Hundreds of free-to-play pinball machines, tournaments, merchandise, and even celebrities can be found here. Doctor Who actor Sylvester McCoy was scheduled to be this year’s spotlight guest. Nature had different plans as the coronavirus put the event in a full tilt. Unable to postpone the event, the loved convention had to accept the loss and cancel for 2020. It looks like we will all have to wait impatiently until next year to show off our improved skills.

A-Kon – Anime fans can’t get enough of this convention celebrating Japan’s animated phenomena. Cosplay and voice actors fill the show floor each year in appreciation of the genre. With tons of popular hit titles, A-Kon brings in a wide array of talent and fandom. A-Kon was supposed to be held at the end of May, but made the decision to forgo this year’s event. It looks like regular goers will have to trash their 2020 calendar and look forward to June 24-27, 2021.

Kamehacon – Earth has managed to survive countless encounters from intergalactic invaders thanks to the help of Goku and Vegeta, but can Kamehacon endure the Covid pandemic? The convention centered around the Dragon Ball saga was scheduled for the beginning of May. Attendees took a Spirit Bomb to the gut when they heard that it would be postponed. As of now, Kamehacon has announced that it would be postponed but has not said when. I guess DBZ fans will need to keep seeking those Dragon Balls and see if we can get our wish!

Since the restrictions and virus status are constantly changing, make sure you are keeping an eye out for continued updates on the events listed and those to come. Please take a moment of silence for those events that we have lost so far in 2020. Here is to hope that we will still be able to enjoy some of our favorite happenings this year and that we somehow find the patience to wait for those that we can't!