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Linda Tarr-Whelan at The Women’s Museum

Linda Tarr-Whelan at The Women's Museum

Linda Tarr-Whelan is the author of the upcoming book Women Lead the Way: Your Guide to Stepping Up to Leadership and Changing the World. Having been Ambassador and US Representative to the UN Commission on the Status of Women under President Bill Clinton, and Deputy Assistant to President Jimmy Carter, there's good reason why this women was named "One of the 50 Most Powerful Women in Washington" by Ladies Home Journal.

You can meet Linda on September 17th at The Women's Museum for the launch of her new book. Tickets are $10 and price includes a box lunch.

Twestival Dallas for The Women’s Museum

Twestival Dallas for The Women's Museum

Register Now for the Dallas Twestival, a global festival organized by local individuals to get people offline and bring people together for a cause. Tickets are $10 and all proceeds benefit The Women's Museum.

A Twestival or Twitter-Festival is a global series of events organized by volunteers around the world under short timescales via Twitter, which bring people offline for a great cause. Twestival is run 100% by volunteers and independently from any not-for-profit; although the organizing teams do work closely to outline an achievable and measurable fundraising target.

6th Annual Stories from the Top Featuring Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

6th Annual Stories from the Top Featuring Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

The Women's Museum will have their 6th Annual Stories from the Top event this Friday, March 27th. This year's event (is exciting!!!) will feature Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. Can we give the Women's Museum a round of applause? I almost fell out of my chair when I heard the news. There are some women in life that move you, and for me, Clinton has been one of them.