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Mischief Managed: LeakyCon 2018 Review And Photos

Mischief Managed: LeakyCon 2018 Review And Photos

I can’t imagine that the Ministry of Magic is too pleased with the large number of wizards recently parading around downtown Dallas in front of muggles. This past weekend DFW hosted LeakyCon 2018, an annual Harry Potter themed convention.

INTERVIEW: Harry Potter’s “Perfect Percy” Discusses Wands, Food, and Guinea Pigs

INTERVIEW: Harry Potter's

The Weasley’s don’t exactly hold a prominent place in the wizarding society, but none seem to be as controversial as the infamous Percy Weasley. “Perfect Percy” is typically known for being an egocentric, power-hungry traitor to his family. Whether he is deserving of those everlasting titles is determined by whomever you talk to in the […]