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Dallas Summer Musicals kicks off season with the magical Cinderella

Dallas Summer Musicals kicks off season with the magical Cinderella

Rodgers + Hammerstein's Cinderella is now playing at Fair Park in Dallas from June 9th-June 21st and in Fort Worth's Bass Hall from June 23rd-June 28th.

Addison’s Watertower Theatre Stages Beautiful “Spring Awakening”

Addison’s Watertower Theatre Stages Beautiful “Spring Awakening”

If you haven’t had a chance to see "Spring Awakening" live, make a trip to Watertower Theatre. The show's become a pop culture phenomenon and Watertower’s production does the music and the story more than justice. You’ll love every minute.

Musical Season: ‘Billy Elliot,’ ‘Next to Normal,’ ‘Pippin’ take Dallas Stages

Musical Season: 'Billy Elliot,' 'Next to Normal,'  'Pippin' take Dallas Stages

Three very unique musicals have taken Dallas stages and stolen the hearts of local audiences with stellar singing and dancing.

Shrek Paints the Town Green!

Shrek Paints the Town Green!

For the staff of Dallas Summer Musicals, this has been a great season. Between new shows making their Texas debut in Dallas, to old favorites making their final appearance, this season has been nothing short of spectacular. As a first time critic of this esteemed organization, I had no idea what to expect, and I can honestly say I was not at all disappointed. At the close of this season, I tip my hat (though I never really wear one) to the entire staff and wait eagerly for next season's awesomeness to be released on the world.

Dreamgirls Dallas: Don’t Wake Me Up!

Dreamgirls Dallas: Don't Wake Me Up!

Now, if you have read the theater section for any length of time, you probably know that, even when I am bestowing praise on a recent work, I try not to be overwhelming with how much I lavish it on the actors, cast, and crew. This will not be one of those times...dreamgirls was nothing short of amazing. From the opening number of "I'm Lookin' for Something," the cast of this long-running stage play had the audience captivated. Their energy, their ability to connect with each other and the audience, and their sheer talent were enough to make the hours of the show pass by in mere minutes.

Phantoms “Haunt” the Dallas Stage


As the lights dimmed at The Music Hall at Fair Park, the familiarly haunting opening refrain of one of America's most famous contributions to musical theater began to fill the air. As the richness of the pipe organ soared above the crowd, the eyes of all were drawn upward as the stage and the room were magically transformed into an opera house reminiscent of early 20th century France; as the all too famous chandelier took its place above the crowd, it became suddenly and undeniably clear- the Phantom of the Opera had once again arrived in Dallas.