Spark Club is Back


After being in the dark for almost a year, the Dallas-born Spark Club group, is making a comeback.

The voluntary network of thinkers, leaders and doers are hosting an event to join different communities of people interested in social change together into one central location. The idea before going into the event is to think that, collectively, we can make something happen that is bigger or better for the greater good if we all combine our skills. From there, it's about sparking new ideas.

It's really that simple.

Are you a changemaker? The Spark Club event will be Thursday, September 14, 2012 from 7pm-9:45pm at the Tech Church, home to one of the top ten seed accelerators for technology companies in the country, Tech Wildcatters. Let's spark some ideas!

Register here:

Photo Credit: Sparkler... (Csillagszoró) by hetty77

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