New Years 2016 with Ishi at Trees!


That right. It's happening: Ishi at Trees. ishi is the iconic band that Dallasites have come to follow with a passion. If you haven't had the pleasure of hearing ishi live, than you are in for a treat friends! ishi is all things music should be -- fun, transcendent, thoughtful and an all around great time. Fans come ready to party, adorning their face with war paint in tribute -- yes you read that right!


...and now you're in luck, because the best New Years yet is about to happen, where you see ishi live at Trees!!

Here are the deets:

Be Local Dallas PRENSENTS: ISHI LIVE @ TREES (NYE) with special guests Dezi 5TruDef, & SuperSonic Lips.

Be Local Dallas mission is to bring the community together by way of Music, Art, Food, & Spirit one soul at a time.

TREES | $15 ADV | $20 DOS | ALL AGES

Dezi 5
Tru Def
SuperSonic Lips

RSVP here.
Save now & Party later:

Want some pre-party jams? Check out the latest single:

ISHI & Artful - Toss & Turn:



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