Miracle on McKinnon to Take Over Marie Gabrielle!


Dallas has no shortage of magical moments, but the undeniable best part of this city shines through during the holidays. Ranked as one of the most charitable cities in the U.S., it’s no surprise that Dallas does it proper when it comes to philanthropic fundraisers. So, when Brian Roberts & Arthur Mironchuk got to networking in the city, they saw an opportunity – an opportunity to make an impact. Young professionals are looking to get involved more than ever, so what better way to foster that than through a holiday party like non-other…and so a Miracle on McKinnon was born.


As someone who works in the medical field, Brian Roberts has witnessed first hand the power of the people at Children’s Medical Center. “To see Spider Man and Iron Man walking the hall’s and interacting with the children it’s really something special to witness. The hope and care Children’s provide the children with is truly remarkable” stated Brian, “that’s just one example of how they go above and beyond – so we couldn’t think of a more deserving organization as this years beneficiary”. The event is to be held at the majestic Marie Gabrielle Restaurant & Gardens, which if you don’t know, is home to one of the largest Christmas trees in the city and is worth a visit!


Want to be a part of this special evening?

Where: Marie Gabrielle Restaurant & Gardens

Date: December 5th, 2015

Time: 9pm-1:00am

To purchase tickets and get full details, head to: http://www.miracleonmckinnon.com and be sure to RSVP via Facebook.

To learn more about the honorable beneficiary head to,



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  1. wow thats so nice!

    1. The result was sweating all the way; I could not believe that it as a result of refrigerating the cake.

  2. Admission to the event is at least one new, wrapped children’s toy.

    1. Correct, and all proceeds go straight back to the Foundation -- fundraising at it's finest!

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