Dallas Crawfish and Brews


Community Beer Co. has partnered with Crawfish and Brews and putting on a huge Louisiana-style boil!

That's right! Come enjoy Louisiana mudbugs and delicious craft brew at Community Beer Co.

Everything is bigger in Texas and Crawfish and Brews is no exception! What originated as a celebration of the spring crawfish season down in Louisiana has transformed into a bash worthy of the Great State of Texas! With the Boudreaux family overseeing the boil, you can be assured that you will enjoy authentic Louisiana crawfish!

Crawfish and Brews go together like Jordan and Pippen, Ren and Stimpy, Cory and Topanga—nothing compliments these affectionately named “mudbugs” like an ice cold beer.

Coupled with great music and even better company, Crawfish and Brews is an event you won’t want to miss this spring.

Saturday, May 14th

Community Beer Company
1530 Inspiration Drive
Dallas, TX 75207

$25 and include:

- TWO Pounds of Crawfish
- THREE Community Beer Tokens
- ONE Official Crawfish & Brews 2016 Novelty Glass

Visit www.crawfishandbrews.com for more information.

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