Get the DFW Beer & Brewers Index

In this 24 page archive of awesome you'll find:

  • 8 Dallas-area brewers with 88 beers from neighborhoods like Trinity Groves.
  • 4 Fort Worth-area brewers with 39 beers from neighborhoods like West 7th.
  • Specific addresses of all 18 already established breweries

Where else have you seen all of this info in one place?

  • 6 brewers with 46 beers outside the city, but still close enough to make the hike
  • Tour times of all the major breweries
  • 20 breweries soon to open
  • 81 of the Best Places to Find Local Beer by City
  • Background info on 18 established breweries
  • Easily printable or read online PDF

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2 Responses to “Get the DFW Beer & Brewers Index”

  1. [...] …the most comprehensive, most complete, and most up-to-date repository of beers and brewers in Dallas-Fort Worth (at this point in time). Sorry, for the superlatives, but I can promise you, every word is true. Today we are announcing DFW Beer & Brewers Index . This local buzz almanac will give you a run down of every beer and brewer (including 19 up-and-coming) in the DFW area. It doesn’t stop at the year-round beers – it covers seasonal as well, so you know what to warm yourself with in the winter, and keep you cool in the summer. This directory of beer and brewers may be hard to digest in one sitting, but will act as a a reference guide to get your local fix when you need it. Every true local beer buff or supporter must have a copy to be able to call him/herself that. Download it here. [...]

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