Get Creative With Pottery Painting

Paint Yer Pottery

Last night we had had our monthly activity event. This was our first formal teambuilding event and we decided to paint pottery. Sometimes, the best way to be creative is to put yourself out there and not care about anyone's opinion. And that's what we did ... after a few glasses of champagne.

Paint Yer Pottery is located off the tollway. It really was relaxing and sort of therapeutic in a way. We had to leave them there to bake and you get to pick them up in 6 days.

This could be a great idea for a girl's night. The Company event wasn't so much a hit as we only had 5 people show up. The guys weren't so keen on the idea.

You get to bring your own food and drinks. The pottery ranges anywhere from $10 to $50, and we were there for about 3 hours. It made for a very productive and eventful weekday night.

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