I Live in Dallas Radio – Episode #3 – Local Celebrity Sightings & Cigar Stories at Up In Smoke in Uptown

This is our third episode of I Live In Dallas Radio. This I Live In Dallas show, co-hosted by myself and Jason Channell, was recorded at Up In Smoke in Uptown Dallas. In it we chat with 30-year cigar veteran,  store manager, guy's guy, and all-round fun character John Barton.  We have often ran into John around Uptown Dallas at the same local haunts over the years. He never ceases to amaze us with his knowledge of cigars, wisdom of life, and fun stories. In 31 minutes of cigar anecdotes, education, and commentary...

Listen as we:

    • Name names of well-known local and not-so-local political figures, actors, and sports stars that pop into Up In Smoke from time to time.
    • Talk about what to consider when looking for a good cigar.

VIP Lounge at Up In Smoke - Photo by UpInSmokeTexas.com

  • Tell stories of run-ins and time spent with cigar empire patriarchs .
  • List some of the major magazines and publications you should check-out to learn more about cigars.

Lastly, Up In Smoke and their legendary VIP room was referenced in a recent ILiveInDallas.com article titled 25 Mantastic Things to Do in Dallas. The article was also subsequently picked-up by Fort Worth Star-Telegram digital property, DFW.com. Click the play button below to listen to 31 minutes of purely unscripted talk covering the aforementioned topics. Enjoy!

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  2. Want to hear talks in Up In Smoke about celebrity plastic surgery perth, their hidden secrets and anything funny to talk about. Celebrities just seem so poised, or plastic in from of the screen sometimes.

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  7. John Barton is a real gentleman. His knowledge of cigars is impressive.

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