Defining Cto Roles And Responsibilities At A Tech Startup

A Chief Technology Officer job description could also include some practical aspects — if a tech team doesn’t have the knowledge or resources to complete a task, then it is down to the CTO to find a solution. It’s no wonder they have to obtain a wide variety of tech and ‘soft’ skills. You’ll also find it difficult to find a common startup CTO job description. The only thing you can be sure of is that a Chief Technology Officer’s main duty is to enable a company to reach its financial and marketing goals using an innovative tech approach. This type of CTO may envision how technology will be used within the company while setting the technical strategy for the company.

  • This official's main focus is to use technology to help stimulate job creation, improve healthcare and security systems, and increase broadband access.
  • The chief technology officer or CTO is one of the most undefined positions among C-level management.
  • In fact, soft skills are probably the most important skills for a CTO position.
  • You too may be in search of a CTO to run the tech side of your business.

In this role, the CTO manages domains and SSL certificates, sets up servers, databases, third-party tools, and ensures company-wide security. Basing on technical and commercial properties, the CTO suggests likely technical platforms to use on the project. The solution requires such considerations as the number of developers available, the cost of developers, the cost of the framework, deployment time, security, community support, and fitting for business vision.

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Although a CTO may have some kind of technology “hunch,” the future may unfold in an unpredictable way. Developing an adjustable approach to any situation is one of the things that make a great CTO.

As you’ve noticed, the CTO’s duties need to be flexible even within one company. The bigger the company, the more management levels there are between a head of engineering and the actual hands-on tech task execution. In simple terms, a CTO thinks about the future, maps it, and then implements the step by step plan.

In this case, a CTO manages a product engineering team and is responsible for operational technology. Chief technology officer is a complex role that lies at the intersection of business and technology. A CTO is usually seen as a seasoned professional with a combined knowledge of a solutions architect, programmer, DevOps, team leader, and domain expert. The truth is that in a startup environment, the CTO often wears several hats. He or she is obliged to pick up the slack when there’s no opportunity to hire dedicated specialists. The chief technology officer will be in charge of all company technology and technological resources. The chief technology officer will establish company technology vision, strategies, and plans for growth.

The Skills That Make A Technology Leader

Individuals interested in CTO positions require many years of experience in various information technology areas. They must also work in managerial and/or director roles for some time before being considered a viable CTO candidate. The introduction cto job requirements of the internet, however, quickly altered the responsibilities of CTOs. They are now seen as an essential expert in the field and are often looked to for guidance on how to take advantage of ever-changing technological advancements in business.

At the beginning you can excite your employees by offering them cool projects with lots of unsolved technical challenges. As the team grows, the CTO will have to attract more specialized people with traditional benefits, vacation days, and a structured career ladder. Managing growth with 100 employees is totally different than managing growth with 5. Most startups I’ve seen have a non-technical product manager and a de-facto technical project manager in their CTO.

They bring progressive ideas to the company and find advanced tech solutions. And yet, the Chief Technology Officer is one of the most undefined positions among C-level management making it important to identify CTO roles and responsibilities.

Building The Mvp (minimum Viable Product)

Chief technology officers , for example, evaluate the newest and most innovative technologies and determine how these can help their organizations. The chief technology officer often reports to the organizations chief information officer, manages and plans technical standards, and tends to the daily information technology issues of the firm. Because of the rapid pace of technological change, chief technology officers must constantly be on the lookout for developments that could benefit their organizations. Once a useful tool has been identified, the CTO must determine an implementation strategy and sell that strategy to management. The necessity to handle technologies has brought about a new executive position − CTO, which stands for chief technology officer. If you take a look at the leadership of any unicorn startup, you’ll see a CTO among the C-level executives. You too may be in search of a CTO to run the tech side of your business.

Depending on the type of business and industry, company size, there's a need to engage different persona types. The CTO will be in charge of all company technology and technological resources by establishing the organization's technology vision, strategies, and plans for growth.

An advanced degree in business can provide a competitive edge when pursuing the CTO position. Besides strong technical skills and deep industry knowledge, a CTO must demonstrate the ability to bridge the technical and business worlds. The higher you move up the ranks of a company, the more likely you’ll face situations that require skills and knowledge outside of your technical cto job requirements expertise. From managing horizontal teams to deciphering marketing lingo, get ready to evolve your skillset if you intend to take it to the next level. For example, organizations bring a CTO on board during or immediately following digital transformation. This process sees the wholesale digitization or update of business processes and may change the way a company is organized.

Cto Chief Technology Officer

For a lot of companies, this can encapsulate the role of a CTO — CRM and ERP implementation and supporting international teams with tech issues. Typically, the role of a CTO will depend on the company itself, including positions they have covered and what their industry demands. We’ve put together a customizable list that you can use for a CTO job description. The CTO position is considered to be one of the vaguest C-level roles as the CTO roles and responsibilities depend on a number of factors. These include startup area, business processing style, the number of in-house and outsourced workers, and many more. An experienced CTO is often the oracle of technology within their organization.

The dilemma is that the head of engineering is a position that falls somewhere between technical execution and operational management. The Chief Technical Officer takes care of corporate commercial goals using a tech team. In some sense, a person in this position oversees the future and shapes it in a positive technical way.

If your company offers tuition reimbursement or a technical training budget, you should advance your technical skills and knowledge through those vehicles. IT leaders may also come up through the ranks, or they may earn a leadership role through force of personality, communication skills, political acumen, or industry knowledge. It's not unusual for CIOs and CTOs to be recruited from outside a company, usually because they possess outstanding management and leadership skills. Managers are usually tightly connected to a traditional IT hierarchy and organizational processes.

How To Become A Cio Or Cto

CTOs are more concerned with developing new technology to improve revenue and sales opportunities and extending the company brand than day-to-day operations. CTOs, on the other hand, preside over the overarching technology infrastructure.

For details on development team building read our blog article I have an App Idea Now What. After spending some time working in the technology field, IT professionals with the ultimate goal of becoming a CTO should consider pursuing a master’s degree. A CTO needs to have the technological expertise and a keen business sense to be successful in a leadership role. A master’s program that focuses on the technical area of business administration, such as an online cybersecurity master’s, can help students develop skills in management-related areas, such as accounting and finance.

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While much of the CTO’s duties will focus on customer-centric technology initiatives, skills such as negotiation are also critical. A CTO can expect to manage vendors, meet the needs of external key stakeholders, and occasionally work with clients or customers directly. Those descriptions aren’t super helpful for those of us unraveling how to become a CTO. However, understanding what these job descriptions hint at can help us build a plan of action to eventually land the position. Despite this, most companies do not consider themselves prepared for the major technological shifts already occurring in the world. A survey by McKinsey found that as much as 79 percent of North American companies consider themselves “not ahead of the curve” when it comes to such shifts.

We’ve mentioned the skill set required from a CTO, and you’ll probably agree it’s huge. No wonder the average salary of a CTO in the US is over $137,000 per year (according to This requires strong programming skills, relevant experience, and the ability to stick to an agile software development workflow. It goes without saying that a tech startup is likely to hire developers, so a CTO doesn’t need to perform all these duties personally. Operational managementIn this case, a CTO is primarily an operational manager that’s responsible for overseeing the engineering team.

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The management of the general vision of the software product is the CTOs core driver and tasks like coding or QA are now handled by other members javascript developers salary of the team. As you’ve might have picked up, the CTO’s role and responsibilities need to be flexible even working for one company.