Locally Owned Dallas Coffee Shops, Espresso Bars & Cafes

The Pearl Cup - Dallas, Texas Coffee Shop & Expresso BarThe Pearl Cup is truly a community anchor and meeting place of the Henderson, M Streets and Lakewood areas.  They encourage folks from the neighborhood to walk or pedal  (bike rack available) to their one-of-a-kind Dallas espresso bar.  Using only biodegradable and compostable to-go cups, The Pearl Cup tries to keep their carbon footprint to a minimum. They also have their signature Pearl Latte™ in a porcelain mug (unless you ask for it in a to-go cup). Reviews and more on Dallas espresso bar The Pearl Cup.
Crooked Tree Coffee House in Uptown DallasCrooked Tree is an indie dream: It has couches from estate sales, free wi-fi, late-night hours, music on the weekends, art by local artists on the walls, Fair Trade coffee (from Buy Well in Colorado Springs), smoothies, and baked treats from the Covert Vegan, including cinnamon rolls, muffins, and cookies.  Crooked Tree Coffeehouse is located in a pretty “hip” area of town- a residential neighborhood rezoned for business. With comfortable furniture, live music. Along with coffee they teas, chai, smoothies and pastries. All of their coffee comes from a company in Colorado Springs called Bywell, and it’s all Fairtrade organic. Reviews and more on Dallas Coffeehouse Crooked Tree.