Who Inspires Me

"Matt was a very poor student and never went to college. When he got older, he was pleased to discover that no one actually cares. Matt doesn't want to imply that college is bad or anything. He's just saying is all. There's other ways to fill your head."

For some reason this always stuck with me. I stumbled upon this guy a couple of years ago. I was inspired by him and I knew why.

Is it true that no one cares you went to college? Because right now, that's the second or third question I get asked when meeting someone new, and it sucks. It's like you lost a point and have to gain back the credibility by saying something intelligent. Actually, I wouldn't dare. I've learned not to try and impress people. It's too easy to see through.

Rapid steady vision and ears that listen is the way I walk.

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3 Responses to “Who Inspires Me”

  1. Jennifer,
    Thank you for creating this blog and sharing it with me.

    As I read through each new post I learn more and more about the incredible woman you have grown up to be. I am so proud of your many accomplishments and love you very much.


  2. I appreciated Matt's effort. He seems really hard worker.
    Its good that you are trying to help him. You should keep hidden this and dont try to impress others.

  3. The article is awesome, I've perused it ordinarily and still have numerous sentiments. I feel that will visit your site more.

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