Watch the Debates (Free) at Angelika Film Center

Angelika LogoNext Month On the Big Screen:

Palin & Biden; Obama and McCain

Watch the last three debates at Angelika Film Center in Dallas, TX. Bring your friends or just come alone. You'll probably see me in the middle of the theater with a beer and a blackberry. Also, admission is free. No excuses. The debates will start at 8pm, but grab your seats at 7pm (I have this feeling that a lot of people will be tuning in.)

The schedule is as follows (without any delays, I hope.)

October 2 - Vice Presidential Debate - Sen. Joe Biden from Delaware and Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska
October 7 - Second Presidential Debate - Sen. John McCain from Arizona and Sen. Barack Obama from Illinois
October 15 - Third Presidential Debate - Sen. John McCain from Arizona and Sen. Barack Obama from Illinois

The Obama Dallas Campaign has reserved a theater for all three debates. For the October 7th and 15th debate, a non-partisan theater will be open for watching the Presidential debates.

We are living in a period of economical & international distress, and I hope we as Americans can look and vote for a candidate who will administer leadership and change in Washington.

Angelika Film Center
Mockingbird Station (Level2 next to Trinity Hall)
5321 East Mockingbird Lane, Suite 230
Dallas, TX 75206

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  1. Hi...I would be joining to see the presidential election tommorow with my husband. So we would be two people

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