Nightlife Dallas’ Top 3 DJs to Watch in Dallas

Nick Van House

College student by day, boy wonder by night. "No genres, just dance" is the motto that rules this up and coming DJs style. The fact that he's positioned in the same arena as some of Dallas' most well known DJs doesn't hurt his street cred either. Look out for him at Decks in the Park and Lights All Night.


Jeff Mitchell aka DJ Daddy J

Decks in the Park visionary, and long time Dallas DJ, DJ Daddy J was former record label head of Grab Recordings. He is now taking on a new adventure with the creation of the Art and Sound brand -- showcasing Paradise as headlining artist. You can find Jeff grooving at a number of high profile events in Dallas. such as late night series at Nasher Sculpture Center and of course Decks in the Park.


Paul Paradise aka Paradise

Paradise awaits. Who wouldn't want that as their tagline? Catchy name aside, Paradise is so much more than a DJ. He is an experience. Let me explain, Paradise (who's songs feature the talented Grace Castro on vocals) is a one stop shop. Whether you are looking for the perfect track to strip down to instrumentals or need to get a crowd moving with a big room sound, Paradise covers it all. Not only is Paul a talented DJ, but he also produces and writes his own songs. We apparently aren't the only ones who think so as he just recently charted on the Beatport Charts at #1. Opening for Disclosure at Lights All Night he is one act you won't want to miss!


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