Valentine’s day is just around the corner! What better time to reflect on your best relationships and biggest breakups? Join us February 14th with a date, without a date, or with a date you don't want for a 90 minute storytelling event featuring TRUE personal stories told from the stage celebrating the theme of:

The Most: Makeups & Breakups.

Date & Time: Monday, February 14, 7:30PM
Location: The Magnolia Lounge, 1121 First Ave., Dallas, TX 75210


  • Nena Madonia
  • Mac Lower
  • Melissa Hennessey
  • Justin Knox
  • Lori Reisenbichler
  • Dennis M. Raveneau
  • Wendy Graham
  • Trey Henry
  • with a special appearance by Jim Kuenzer and dramatic readings of breakup letters

$5 Cash at the door, BYOB, valentine's candy, and Delicious Baked Treats for Sale.

Come Early, Come All!!
General Admission. First come, first served!

Conceived for Nouveau 47′s Theatre Apprēsh by Nicole Stewart and Lacy Lynch

Be a part of Nouveau 47’s regular Monday night Theatre Apprēsh events— your place to hang for storytelling, live music, new play readings, open mic nights and more.

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