The Faces of Fan Expo Dallas 2017

Heavy rains and parking conundrums were not enough to keep people away from this year's Fan Expo Dallas. People from the DFW area, as well as all over the country, came flooding into The Kay Bailey Hutchinson convention center to meet their favorite celebrities.

Fan Expo Dallas did a remarkable job this choosing their guests this year. Those in attendance were able to see Stan Lee, Adam West, and Burt Ward all make their final Texas appearances. Unfortunately several of the actors had to leave early due to the bad weather. While this definitely proved to be an inconvenience for many, it did not stop other celebrities from filling the void by staying late for their fans. It also did little to deter the hundreds of people that filled the Dallas Convention Center each day.

Many of the attendees became instant celebrities due to their amazing cosplay outfits. You could find almost any type of costume imaginable, ranging from comic book icons to video game legends. People from every age group assumed their favorite character and brought them to life for all of those at Fan Expo Dallas. These are the faces of FXD17...

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  1. Haha. Biff Tannen.. He's been popular now that his doppelganger Trump is in office.

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  3. Many people came flooding in the Dallas to have the Dallas new fans fun.Many excitement and joys has made the guest people more enjoyable and comfortable.

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  8. Many people came flooding in the Dallas to have the Dallas new fans fun

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