Tech Cocktail’s Dallas Mixer & Startup Showcase

The Tech Cocktail team is coming to Dallas looking to showcase some of the area's most interesting early-stage startups both online and off.  Join them for an evening of fun mingling with other technology enthusiasts, investors, bloggers, and entrepreneurs as they showcase local technology companies and take a closer look at their latest achievements.

When: Thursday, May 17th, 2012 - 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. CST
Where: Tech Wildcatters HQ - 2700 Fairmount, Dallas, TX 75201
What: A cocktail of tech enthusiasts
Price: Free! Registration required (Register Here)

Tech Cocktail will offer a handful of startups an opportunity to show off in an expo-style to the rest of the Dallas entrepreneurial community for free. If you have a startup you would like to show off at Tech Cocktail's Dallas Mixer, submit this form. TC will contact you if your startup is selected. Space is limited.

Tech Cocktail

At Tech Cocktail events you are bound to connect with potential new employees, developers, designers and more. This could be the place where you meet your next employee, co-founder or even get a date. If you are a company looking to hire, you can also leverage the Tech Cocktail Job Board to get the message out early.

What is Tech Cocktail? TC is a media company focused on startup events, news and entrepreneurial resources - hosting mixer events and writing about technology startups and entrepreneurs across the country with the focus of helping to amplify the local technology signal since 2006. Tech Cocktail has hosted large events in Chicago, D.C., NY, San Francisco, Boston, Boulder, San Diego, Detroit, Boise, Austin, Barcelona and more.

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