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An Insider’s Guide to Lakewood: Part 2 of the “Where Should I Live In Dallas?” Series

An Insider's Guide to Lakewood: Part 2 of the

With wineries, lakeside recreation trails, great restaurants, and a vibrant arts scene, Lakewood is sort of like northern California minus the debt and exorbitant house prices (OK and maybe a few more conservatives). This tucked away corner of Dallas undoubtedly has something for everyone. Check out this first article in a series of helping you discover, "Where Should I Live in Dallas?"

33rd Annual Lakewood Home Tour Festival (2009)

 33rd Annual Lakewood Home Tour Festival (2009)

This weekend take a tour of 6 unique homes in the historic Lakewood neighborhood.

The Festival started way back in 1976 by the Lakewood Early Childhood PTA. What started as a fundraiser to purchase playground equipment for kindergarten children, became a community-wide event benefiting Lakewood's Elementary, Middle and High School. The PTA group has raised more than $750,000 within the last 5 years.