Steampunk Invasion Is Coming to Dallas

Steampunk InvasionThings in Dallas have been rather dull lately. Football season is here, but ticket prices and the heat is still an issue. The convention craze is dying down and I've yet to figure out a proper costume for Halloween. It's times like these, you wish you could travel back in time to a place where things are much more simpler and less of a headache. But since I love modern technology and my civil rights, that's a deal-beaker. If only I could be able to embrace the best of both worlds. Is there an event out there where I could be able to channel my inner Jules Verne and H.G. Wells? Good thing Steampunk Invasion is coming to Dallas next weekend  and it couldn't have come at a better time.

Steampunk (and this is as layman as it gets) is the marriage of the past and the future such as blending the most significant contributions of the late 19th century like the locomotive engine, Queen Victoria, and The Wild West, with modern times. Now imagine if you mix and match those elements together to create an alternative universe where the Victorian Era never ended and steam powered devices are the norm. Interesting? Yes. Over the top? Absolutely.

For one weekend, why not leave your skepticism at the door and put on a pair of leather goggles at Dallas Heritage Village. There is too much fun to be had and plenty of opportunities to brush up on your alternate history.

What can you expect when you arrive to Steampunk Invasion? Well, if any of the images  that you're looking at right now show you any indication, it can be said that you'll be in the company of some of the most hardcore fans of Steampunk that you'll ever meet. Sure it has a certain type of substance with bronze-plated style in the mix, but it's all in good fun and a little bit of commitment into the genre. Who needs superheroes and capes when you have floating airships, steam-powered weapons, and an industrial revolution to win. Okay, maybe I might have gotten a little carried away, but this four-day event can raise the curiosity level of anyone who's interested in something a little different.

Steampunk Invasion 2014
September 12th-14th
Dallas Heritage Village
1515 S. Harwood
Dallas, TX 75215

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  1. Thanks for the write up Joseph! Please email us at for a press pass if you want to come. Also if you'd like to add some info the beautiful photo at the top is of Sarah Hunter aka Lady Clankington wearing pieces by Brute Force Studios and the amazing Thomas Willeford.
    ( ) He does amazing work so check him out. Although he won't be here we do have some great vender's on hand so we hope you can come by! -K. Poe SI Con Com

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