‘Sisu Summer Series’ to Take Over Dallas

Like any good native, I do my market research. In case you've missed the headlines lately, there are no shortage of new venues worth checking out popping up all over Dallas, but none are quite like Sisu. Let me paint the picture for you:


There are cabanas...


And craft cocktails...


And a lot of this...

But that's not why we are here. We are here, because of the music. Other venues, who shall remain nameless, have tried to bring in big name talent, but just haven't got it right. Sisu succeeds on so many levels. Largely credited to the team behind the magic, like Dallas veterans Wade Hampton, Jeremy Word and more, but also because it's simply a good time -- every time. If you are looking for a day-cation, it only takes one step into the parking lot to realize you are about to have an adventure. The young, beautiful and talented show up by the dozens like a scene from 'Project X' and for good reason. Last summer Sisu hosted some of the hottest DJs around, and this summer is not going to disappoint. Check out this action and mark those calendars people!


 All Images Courtesy of @Sisu_Uptown Instagram

Exciting stuff right? Who are we most excited about?


Find Paradise on IG @We_Love_Paradise & Soundcloud

And for the ladies, I will leave you with this...


For more information and to find tracks from these sweet artists head to their Facebook page.

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