Shoppes on Hi Line Market

Shoppes on Hi Line Market

A vibrant live | work | play community, the Dallas Design District is comprised of upscale galleries, showrooms, restaurants, luxury living, and now a Fall Market! Join us at 9AM on Saturday (along with the rest of Dallas) for family festivities nestled in the heart of the Design District.

At 10:30AM, work up a sweat with the Barre Code- Design District, benefiting the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Guaranteed a healthy way to start your day...since candy, local vendors, and food trucks are on your radar!

Brawl-o-ween for Breast Cancer

Be sure to also bring your camera *aka iPhone* for photo ops of the kids in the pumpkin patch and face painting booth. Tell all your friends and share on Social Media as there is something fun (and Instagram worthy) for everyone tomorrow.

Check the Facebook event page for a current vendor list and general information (including parking and weather updates). Stay dry today and see you bright and early...there will be coffee!

8 Responses to “Shoppes on Hi Line Market”

  1. This is an amazing place. Kind of hipster, but in a very good way. It is an absolutely 'must visit' point on Dallas map for every design/food/fashin (and many more) lover! I can't wait for this place to turn into a Christmas mood, it will be so amazing.

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  3. I can't wait for this place to turn into a Christmas mood, it will be so amazing.

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