Scenes to Remember from Diner en Blanc Dallas

11088552_565761710194068_9030860811073014646_nComing out of the busy weekend and we're still day dreaming about Thursday night when we had the pleasure of being apart of one of the most unique events in Dallas.

From the moment we arrived at the Hilton Anatole, we were instantly star struck at the sight of everyone decked out in all white, anxiously awaiting for the exclusive news on where this mysterious location will be. This was the first sign that people had truly gone all out for this event from their choices of clothing to the table decor items they held in their hands.

Soon after everyone was loaded onto their motor-coaches and whisked away to the now disclosed site of the first Diner en Blanc Dallas location: the Continental Avenue Bridge.

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(Above Left: Rachael Kissel and DJ Jason Esquire Barnes. Photo Credit: Sarah Winstead)

We had the pleasure of meeting the three planners who had the determination to bring this event to Dallas as well as the skills to pull it off successfully. One of the three event planners, Rachael Kissel and DJ told us,  "It's like a huge wedding and everyone's the bride...Not only have we arrived as a cultural city, but we are the best Diner en Blanc. We have the highest interest list for a first year city. We are looking to make this even larger next year."


IMG_5228IMG_5203 1IMG_5200

(Above: Apothic Wines provided all alcohol and sponsored the event, Deborah & Courtney with the B&G, Wolfgang Puck Catering provided the boxed dinner if pre-purchased)

Karen also spoke about the sponsors that made this event possible, "Fashion, decor, food, public spaces. It's like a community party. CEO of Southwest airlines to the locals of Deep Ellum. We couldn't have done this without our sponsors, Southwest Airlines and Need Foremost are the Dallas local sponsors, Celebrity and Apothic Wine are US sponsors. It is a labor of love since we are really breaking even."

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After everyone had feasted and conversed, we gathered together for entertainment and dancing that shook the bridge with DJ JasonEsquire Barnes taking us on a musical journey all could appreciate.



(Photo credit: Justin Yoder Studios)

No one wanted to leave this magical evening on anything less a high note, and the incredible fireworks presentation from Pyrotex wrapped up a beautiful and unique evening that we will surely not forget. Until next year! - Courtney and Deborah


Contributed with Deborah Wilson @thedallaslifestyle

To see more photos from the night , check out the instagrams @iliveindallas, @cgar1121, and @thedallaslifestyle.

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