Opening Reception for “Going Native” at Dahlia Woods Gallery on Friday, December 5th

Dahlia Woods Gallery will be hosting the opening reception for their most recent show, Going Native - featuring local and Texas artists by: Etty Horowitz, Will Johnson, Katie Maratta, Terrie Meider, Kenney Mencher, Inki Min, Skip Noah, Jamie Pink, Andrew Wick, Camille Woods and Dahlia Woods (see below for more artist information.) The show will run through January 3, 2009.

When and where is this event?
The opening reception will be Friday, December 5th from 6:00-8:30pm. Dahlia Woods Gallery is located at 600 Cantegral Street, Dallas, TX 75204, just off Live Oak behind the Latino Cultural Center and cattycorner to The Dallas Center for Contemporary Art.

Who are some of the artists being featured?

Etty Horowitz creates shimmering sculptures of aluminum and wire filled with visual movement and hard-edged commentary.

Will Johnson’s sculptures from found materials provide moments of whimsy and serenity, often evoking archetypal American imagery.

Katie Maratta creates miniature black & white Texas road trip landscapes measuring 1” by 48”.

Terrie Meider’s hand-drawn mandalas are images of beauty, peace and harmony.

Kenney Mencher paints enigmatic neo-noir tableaux that call upon the viewer to create stories surrounding each character grouping. (in love after I read that his paintings were taken down in a San Francisco gallery for controversial reasons.)

Inki Min blends abstract expressionism, realism and whimsy to create a deeply affecting vision.

Skip Noah paints dreams and dreamscapes of startling beauty and cosmic otherness.

Jamie Pink creates dazzling abstract mosaic pieces that take you into a world on the other side of the mirror.

Andrew Wick’s paintings pose emotionally charged figures against dark rural Texas landscapes producing a cool, enigmatic effect.

Camille Woods creates hauntingly surreal Texas landscapes that capture the vastness and beauty of our state.

Dahlia Woods captures the world with her bountiful color palette, painting scenes of Dallas, around Texas, Mexico, Italy and wherever she travels.

Dahlia Woods: Dallas from Oak Cliff

What are the regular hours for Dahlia Woods?
Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Tuesday & Wednesday by appointment.

Dahlia Woods Gallery website.

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