New Contemporary Mex-Mex Restaurant​, Peak & Elm, Slated to Open Early 2013

The Moreno Family has a rich tradition in the Dallas community for creating the city’s most sought after tamales at their wildly popular La Popular Tamale House restaurants located in East Dallas and at the Dallas Farmers Market. Wanting to provide their existing loyal customers with a full dining experience, but also attract new foodies their way, Peak & Elm Cocina y Bar is slated to open in early February 2013.

THE DELICIOUS DETAILS MENU: Peak & Elm will specialize in contemporary Mexican cuisine with a creative twist. Fresh, local ingredients will be used. Menu will consist of simple dishes full of flavor and soul. A full bar featuring Texas beers and custom P&E cocktails are highlights.

FIND IT: 132. North Peak Street Dallas, TX 75226 Peak & Elm is in the heart of a new up-and-coming neighborhood minutes from Downtown Dallas called New East Elm. Located at the corner of Peak & Elm streets, P&E is historically located in what was once the center of the Dallas trolley system.

QUOTE IT: “ We want our neighbors to feel that we’ve been here ‘“forever,” so to speak, because we truly want to honor the history and the story behind our unique space. Our goal is to reflect the charm that this space had when it was built in the early 1900’s”. - Jesse Moreno, Jr.

THE DIFFERENCE: Peak & Elm’s creatively- driven menu will change seasonally. Authentic Mex-Mex cuisine is the focus. Although chips and salsa will be available on the menu, they won’t be served as an appetizer as traditionally done by Tex-Mex restaurants. Instead, Peak & Elm will serve a ”Crudito” or palette cleanser, which will ensure that all diners taste the amazing flavors in their dishes.


PAST: Established in 1984, La Popular Tamale House has its roots in East Dallas’ Lakewood community. During La Popular’s 30-year history, the restaurant has received numerous accolades from media outlets including Texas Monthly, Dallas Morning News, Dallas Edible, D Magazine, Dallas Observer, ABC, and FOX, and though the Moreno family and La Popular were honored by the recognition they received, they continued to enhance their culinary concept, expanding into the wholesale business six years ago with the launch of La Popular Inc.

PRESENT: The Moreno family of restaurants will now boast three locations in the metroplex – the original East Dallas La Popular Tamale House at 5004 Columbia Avenue and at the Dallas Farmers Market and now Peak & Elm in the New East Elm neighborhood. Current favorites on La Popular’s menu include the restaurant’s handmade tortillas, which were dubbed “The Best in Texas” by Texas Monthly. Fans will find their delicious tamales at Peak & Elm too, just plated this time. Additionally, the restaurant is recruiting new fans and followers around the state thanks to the wholesale distribution of staples like tortillas, chips, and tamales through La Popular Inc.

FUTURE: In celebration of Peak & Elm’s grand opening in late January, a special preview dinner will take place. Loyal customers and Dallas foodies will be invited to taste the menu at a pre-launch dinner event.

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