Messina Hof Winery Gives Back After Hurricane Harvey; Announces ‘Resilience’ Recognizing the Fighting Spirit of Texas


Messina Hof, the award-winning Texas-based winery, recently announced the release of Resilience,  a special edition wine benefiting those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. 100% of the profits of the dry red blend made up of Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese and Malbec will go towards long-term hurricane relief efforts throughout the region by way of organizations such as Feeding Texas.

With 40 years of Texas winemaking history, Messina Hof is deeply rooted in the community and is honored to be a part of the state’s determination during times of trial. Messina Hof intends to raise upwards of $50,000 through the sale of 600 cases of Resilience, and will increase availability should demand arise.

“By happenstance, the evening Harvey blew in, we were harvesting our Lenoir grapes at the Messina Hof Hill Country Vineyard. While a memorably turbulent harvest weekend, we couldn’t have imagined what some of our fellow Texans would endure,” said Messina Hof's Chief Executive Officer Paul Mitchell Bonarrigo. He continued, “We feel incredibly blessed to be largely unaffected by the storm and recognize the long road ahead for many of our friends, family, business partners and customers. We intend do our part and hope that we can lend a hand through this product release.”

Named for the strength, determination and unity of Texans, Resilience also features a one-of-a-kind label aiming to reflect the same admirable qualities demonstrated during and after the natural disaster. "A wine label tells a story, and this wine is a reminder of our fighting spirit," said Bonarrigo.

The wine is available for purchase at Messina Hof locations including the flagship winery just west of Houston in Bryan, TX. Resilience can also be purchased online, and in select grocery and liquor stores throughout the state. Learn more about the efforts by visiting

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