Memorial Benefit in Memory of Matt Moseman of Edgewater & More


This Thursday, the Dallas music scene is coming together at Trees Dallas for something special. Are you ready?

Please join us on March 16th at Trees Dallas for the Memorial Benefit in Memory of Matt Moseman of Edgewater & more. Edgewater will be reuniting for the first time in 10 years with guest vocalists to celebrate the amazing impact that their former lead singer, Matt Moseman, had on the Dallas music scene and raise money for a great cause. There will be a merchandise booth with Edgewater cd's, shirts, posters, and raffle prizes as well.

Full Circle After Five Years 

On a personal note, I met the event organizer, Ty Griffin in 2010. He called me up site-unseen and asked for advice on digital promotion and getting the attention of influencers. We ended up talking for an hour. I really respected him doing this then and looking back even now.

I wish I would have had the courage to do the same when I first started out. Him and I bonded over our love of 90s music, DFW music, and fandom of bands like The Toadies. We were also originally from small towns in Texas that looked at Dallas through rose-colored glasses.

Being a fresh graduate of Tech and new transplant to Dallas (but fan of Dallas music for more than a decade), my advice to him was to write an article on his favorite DFW bands. He did that right here.

More than a year after that call, boy did he ever get the attention of bands, record companies, and managers. He ended up putting a wonderful and highly-coveted compilation album of DFW and rock bands from Texas music. It was highly-coveted from the perspective that tons of bands wanted to be on it. He ended up also putting together a curated sold-out show at the Granada on 11/23/11. I believed in Ty, even when others didn't (so he says) because I saw his passion, intelligence, and creativity.

Ty moved in 2012. After five years apart, I spent two weekends ago hanging out with Ty and it was like old times. He told me about his aim to help Matt Moseman's family through a memorial concert at Trees, and I was touched. Get your tickets and you'll be helping a family and helping put an end-cap on a legendary Dallas' band's legacy.


Thursday, March 16th @ 7pm


Trees Dallas
2709 Elm St
Dallas, Texas 75226


$20 - available NOW at

Follow Edgewater on:

Instagram: @edgewaterbandofficial
Twitter: @edgewaterdallas

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