Mayer Hawthorne Concert at Southside Ballroom Tonight – Enter this Easy Contest to Win Tickets

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Mercedes-Benz Evolution Tour Dallas Event with Mayer Hawthorne happens tonight, Thursday, September 4th at Southside Ballroom, starting at 8:00pm. Enter this easy contest for tickets. Did we mention it's open bar?

To celebrate the all-new Mercedes-Benz GLA, Mercedes-Benz kicked-off a nine-city music to show the intrinsic bond between music, cars and the evolution of the brand. The tour, which kicked-off in New York City in July, is making its way to Dallas with additional stops in Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles and New Orleans. Tickets are available exclusively through local market test drives and social media campaign at #MBEvolutionTour.mayer-hawthorne

Mayer Hawthorne has come a long way since his 2008 debut, and right now, he says, “Life is great.” He’s released three well-received full-length albums, had songs licensed for film, television, and toured the world as a headlining act, with Bruno Mars, Foster The People, Erykah Badu, Janelle Monae, and the late Amy Winehouse. His latest album, Where Does This Door Go, features a host of top-flight production work from Pharrell Williams, Greg Wells, Jack Splash, John Hill, and Oak (of Oak & Pop), who contributed both the album’s first single, “Her Favorite Song” and the Kendrick Lamar-assisted “Crime.”

Mayer grew up just outside of Detroit in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and remembers as a child, driving through the Motor City with his father and tuning the car radio in to the region’s rich musical tapestry. He has produced music and played multiple instruments for much of his life and uses skills honed as a DJ to create his own original dance floor fillers. Throughout the years he’s cited Soul legends Barry White and Curtis Mayfield as inspiration, along with late Hip-Hop producer J Dilla.

In the last five years, Mayer has grown as a singer, songwriter, and performer. Touring with partners like Winehouse and Mars bolstered his vocal and performance chops. Lyrically, he’s moved away from the bitter break-up tone of his first two albums toward more diverse storytelling and personal coming-of-age content. Some have described the new vibe of Where Does This Door Go as “Steely Dan meets the Beastie Boys,” which suggests both a studio seriousness and playfully irreverent approach.

“The only rule I had when I went in to make this album was that it had to be fun,” Mayer says.

Now, he’s motivated to create Soul music that can win -- win on the radio, win on the charts, win over clubs and win over hearts.

Where: Southside Ballroom
1135 S Lamar, Dallas, TX 75215
When: Thursday, Sept., 4th
Cost: Possibly free with by entering this easy contest for tickets (multiple winners).

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