Malcolm’s Back Alley Swap Meet

on Clover StreetWindows Xtreme by Whatnot

Start your Sunday morning off by visiting Malcolm's Back Alley Swap Meet - going on from 11am-3pm. Malcolm's BASM is located on the corner of MalcolmX Blvd. and Elm St. in the historic art district of Deep Ellum.

Malcolm's Back Alley Swap Meet is a Deep Ellum Market created to give emerging artists, local businesses, and exploring shoppers a place to buy, sell, and hang out.

Deep Ellum has always been the odd child in the Dallas family, the one embracing strange customs but still sitting at the dinner table. Sometimes excluded from the conversation but proudly sticking out like a sore thumb, we're not afraid to be different.

In our swap meet, you'll discover a market full of one-of-a-kind wares, strange collectables, and unique individuals that nowhere else in Dallas can give you.

The Neighborhood also welcomes you to celebrate Valentine's with a Brunch & Shop Extravaganza. Just mention Malcolm's swap meet and receive your discount.

  • Monica's will be offering the five breakfast entrees for $5 and drink specials.
  • Sol's Taco Lounge will take 25% of brunch.
  • Visit The Leroy Roper Gallery At Excuses Extreme Cafe
    and receive a 25% discount on any non-alcohol item.

Malcolm's official site.

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5 Responses to “Malcolm’s Back Alley Swap Meet”

  1. are they actually doing this? every time i've been by there in past months, no one was there. seems a little un-organizaed

  2. I'm going over there to find out. Stay tuned ...

  3. you are absolutely right, James. Unorganized was not even the word for it. A lost cause perhaps... :(

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