Deep Ellum Brewing Labor of Love III Homebrew Competition [Slideshow]

Photography by Mason Pelt. Photo releasing under Creative Commons with attribution non-commercial.

Original article excerpt from Dallas Morning News Beer Blog.

Last Sunday’s 3rd annual Labor of Love homebrew competition attracted more than 1,000 beer lovers, 52 homebrewers, and 150 types of beer to Deep Ellum Brewing Co. in Dallas. Headlining house band Justin Pickard and the Thunderbird Whino’s performed.

This beer-tastic event started around 6 p.m. and ended around 10 p.m. Unlike other events, Labor of Love seemed more fun-loving and less competitive overall. Maybe it was the low cost of entry ($30), and unlimited beer samples, but patrons seemed to be more gleeful because they got their money’s worth. The crowd was full of true beer lovers instead of just beer tourists. It was sticky hot, with long lines, but that was no deterrent to a great time.

Read the rest of this article on the Dallas Morning News Beer Blog to find out the eight winners, and who received the coveted "Best in Show."

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