Join Us for the Toni & Guy Creative Release Afterparty

Every year, Toni & Guy director Zak Mascolo and his team reveal to an audience of stylists and students their newest, cutting-edge range of ideas relating to the world of hair care. Centered around a unified theme annually, Mascolo and his team showcase cuts and colors via an exciting live demonstration runway.

Following the release of the new collection and awards show is the official Toni & Guy Creative Release Afterparty held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Dallas. Mingle with some of the best in the industry whilst sipping cocktails and moving your hips to sounds provided by The Feels as you swap stories about career triumphs or exchange laughs over horrible hair horror!


The two-day event aimed at any hairdressing elite, alumni, students, or simply those who share interest in the world of advanced hair care. Tickets for the after-party are priced at $25 and open to the general public. By the end of the busy weekend, the official afterparty will be the only way you’ll want to wind down. The party kicks off at 10 p.m. after two days of being booked solid so grab all your friends in the industry let loose at this swanky Dallas establishment! RSVP here:


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