Green Door Public House Reveals All New Menu

Community favorite, and recently celebrating a one year anniversary, Green Door Public House is giving us another reason to stop by: an all NEW menu! Don't fear faithful dwellers, they did keep many of our already favorite items like the cheese fries and baked avocado, they just took things up a notch. Added items include Texas Toothpicks, Shiner Bock Texas Chili, and Green Chili Pork Stew. Enough talk, let's check out the eats!!


Photo: Shiner Bock Texas Chili

Texas Toothpicks

 Photo: Texas Toothpicks

Chicken Fried Ribeye

Photo: Chicken Fried Ribeye

Blackened Fish

Photo: Blackened Chicken Tacos


Photo: The Cuban Sandwich

If you've kept up with Green Door Public House news you'll know that they've recently partnered with the nation-sweeping delivery app Caviar and this week they're reeling you in with $1 delivery! Caviar is my absolute favorite new app because the user interface is just stellar. It's super user friendly, AND they have the best photos. There is nothing worse then taking to the inter-webs only to find someones poorly lighted food as your only point of reference -- well squint no more amigos! Check out their full restaurant line-up and Green Door offers today directly here.  

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  1. wow, that looks amazing! I guess is tasteful! Cindy

  2. These meals look delicious!

  3. Great menu! I would really try these. I bet they are delicious.

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  15. Great menu! I would really try these. I bet they are

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